Undergraduate project to reimagine an existing university campus plan through the design and siting of a new, but unpretentious building

Historic Lincoln Building Elevation
The project represents a redesign of the Naropa University campus in Boulder, CO. I approached the design process holistically and worked to compliment the importance of contemplative practices particular to a Buddhist institution of learning. After a comprehensive analysis of the existing site and program, a re-envisioned campus plan was created that focused on establishing a strong central green space between the existing campus buildings and the new proposed building. The planned campus addition consolidates existing program and features several new classrooms, offices, student lounges, a bookstore, cafe, meditation space, and performance hall.
Campus Site Plan
Ground Floor Plan     1 : Classroom     2 : Reception       3 : IT Center       4 : Bookstore      5 : Kitchen      6 : Lounge      7 : Theatre
First Floor Plan     1 : Classroom     6 : Lounge       7 : Theatre      8 : Meditation Classroom      9 : Faculty Offices
The design features rammed earth as the primary material sustainable, rammed earth has a much smaller embodied energy than traditional materials and is also more healthful for its inhabitants. The appearance of the earthen walls grounds the building into the site with a monolithic presence that is delicately punctuated with sunlit apertures.
North Elevation
South Elevation
East Elevation
West Elevation
South Transverse Section
The south facing facade uses a wood screen to limit the exposure to direct sunlight during the summer months.
Two foot thick rammed earth walls contrast with the thinness of the glazing on the North Elevation
Skylights along the main corridor accent the staircases and emphasize a sense of verticality. Natural daylight filters through the wood screen into the student lounge.
View from the entrance to the Campus with the Lincoln Building seen at right and the proposed building in the background
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