Undergraduate project redeveloping urban greenspace into a working demonstration farm and agricultural learning center

The proposal emphasizes the importance of site context by juxtaposing the conditions and considerations of a rural agriculture farm within an urban downtown area. The project specifically introduces a working demonstration farm onto the site of the Boulder Public Library. Extensive agricultural research was conducted, to fully understand the programatic requirements of the variety of crops and animals that would inhabit the site. The Omnivore’s Dilemma served as a source of inspiration and a reference for alternative and sustainable agricultural practices through the design process. 
Farm Cycles
 Site Plan                 1 : Education Building     2 : Staff Offices & Equipment Building      3 : Crop Rotation Demonstration Fields                                      4 : Pig Pen, Chicken Coop, Compost      5 : Cow Paddocks/Grazing Pastures      6 : Rotational Field Crops                                      7 : Perennial Raspberries      8 : Apple Orchard Trees      9: Perforated Pedestrian Wall                                      
Through the implementation of a perforated wall, the farm is sheltered from the harsher urban environment while establishing a permeable edge that lures pedestrians to investigate the fragmented glimpses only visible from the sidewalk. The axis established by the wall is mirrored by a row of apple trees that serves as a visual cue while visitors explore the many paths that meander through the grounds.
Plans and Sections      1 : Education Building      2 : Staff Offices & Equipment Building      3 : Crop Rotation Demo Fields                               4 : Pig Pen, Chicken Coop, Compost      6 : Rotational Field Crops      8 : Apple Orchard trees
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